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Secrets of female flirting on the first date

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Secrets of female flirting on the first date
Flirting is an integral part of everyday life, most often we flirt involuntarily, but in some situations deliberately to attract the attention of the person you like. However, the word flirtation rarely sounds from our lips, most often we use the words courtship or coquetry, which is more familiar to us. Flirting is a how to cook a tasty dish, the more you make, the higher the likelihood that you will call the able mistress of the kitchen. The more practice, the better the flirting skills.

Flirting is a kind of game where participants follow certain rules. If the rules of the game are observed correctly, both are in the win, there is mutual sympathy. It is worth considering the positive outcome of the game does not necessarily have to end in bed to be completed. In case of failure, one of the participants runs the risk of losing interest in his person, which, of course, will be poorly displayed on self-esteem.

There are several types of flirting, they all have different goals: someone just wants to experience the pleasure of one-time communication, others with the help of flirting make friends, others want a romantic relationship.

It is important to be able to formulate signals correctly in order to learn how to attract only those with whom you would like to get acquainted closer, and qualitatively distance yourself from people who are not sympathetic to you.

Flirting is a means to attract attention and hold it, it can be used to send the right signals and learn to perceive them from the people around them.

Almost all women are born with flirting skills, some more, others less. The disclosure of this potential depends directly on the personal qualities of each woman. But there are unspoken rules of flirting, let's talk about them:

1. It is no secret that on the first date it is important to make a good impression, because for a successful flirtation, do not be lazy to make a beautiful suitable hairstyle and makeup, it will be useful and neat manicure. The first thing a man pays attention to when meeting your face and image, because you need to try to style clothes, shoes and accessories in harmony with each other. The second thing that is important for a man, your ability to speak, it is better to think about topics of conversation in advance, after learning the tastes and Hobbies of men.

2. Literally since elementary school, we heard this phrase "it eyes", and secretly chuckled, when I caught while flirting with your friends and classmates. It is natural that then flirting did not carry such motives as in adulthood, but it was the beginning of the desire of two people to closer and closer communication. The ability to "build eyes" is an integral part of flirting, on the first date it will be as relevant as ever.
3. Eye contact with a young man you liked, which you maintained for a few seconds, it is better to finish with a charming and sweet smile, and modestly avert your eyes. After a while, give the guy again a mysterious look, and the same gentle smile, then look away. Such a simple manipulation can be repeated several times, the man will understand that you are flirting with him, and eye contact will emphasize the attention to his person.

4. A pleasant smile is the best tool in the Arsenal of skilled female flirtation. Psychologists and experts in the field of body language and gestures agree that a smile is an integral part of the attractive appearance of a woman, which perfectly helps to get closer to the person you like. But it is worth noting that laughter and a smile should not be loud, provocative and inappropriate, it is better to do modest manifestations of emotions.

Everyone can learn to smile beautifully. In addition to the benefits for life and health, a pleasant smile helps to converge more easily with other people, attracts more attention.

First, practice at home in front of the mirror. Find the best type of your smile, fix it in memory. Develop the habit of smiling that way. It is very important that the smile was sincere, beautiful, emphasizing the dignity of your face.

For a sincere and pleasant smile sometimes it is enough to remember something pleasant. Try to see only the good around you, to communicate with cheerful and positive people, to be an optimist, to enjoy life, to appreciate all that you have and to protect yourself from the negative as much as possible. Even the most kind and positive people are unlikely to be able to smile sweetly when in the everyday world they are surrounded by depression and despair.
5. You need to be able to keep the conversation going and not lose the attention of a guy. Listen carefully to everything he says, look into his eyes if you smile. Men adore grateful listeners in the person of beautiful and successful women. To maintain communication without interrupting the interlocutor, you can logically continue the topic of conversation, for example, to tell an interesting story on this topic. Show that you are interested in what a man tells you, it is important, but do not be insincere, it will be noticeable, and only leave an unpleasant imprint for the whole evening.

6. An important moment of flirting, contact between you and a man with the help of touch. They should be light, gentle and unobtrusive, for example, touch casually his hand, elbow, shoulder, gently adjust the tie or shirt collar. At mutual sympathy, such touches will be correctly regarded by the man.

A real case from life of my friend (the story in the first person). I met a girl on the Internet once. Her name was Masha. Long texted a couple of times talking on the phone and in the end, we decided to meet. Outwardly liked each other, the conversation was fine – no awkwardness. We sat in a cafe and chatted about all the fun stuff. My companion began to tell me a story that happened to her on the first date: "We sat with a guy in a cafe and talked. He took me by the hand and began to gently massage the palm and fingers. Just like this."At this moment Masha takes me by hands and shows how it was done by that guy. Quite a pleasant feeling... After half a minute of these caresses, she continued: "Only when I came home, I noticed that I had lost the ring from my finger!"I sympathized with her. In fact, I immediately thought that the whole story was fiction. And it is told to take me by hands and thus to flirt. Either way, it was a great move. I liked the way the girl flirted subtly. She made me feel even more at home. It's been 6 years, and I remember this moment.
7. Psychologists have proven that women love with their ears, and men with their eyes. If a man finds out that a well-groomed and beautiful woman is flirting with him, he will clearly be satisfied and this fact will positively reflect on his self-esteem. On a date, during a conversation, the girl can play a little with her curls, for example, it is easy to stroke them from time to time, throwing them on one side, or letting them down on the shoulders, the main thing is that everything happens naturally and not overtime. You can try to correct the makeup with a man, for example, to paint the lips with a dim fragrant Shine that will give the lips a sensual and sexy look. If a man is watching your movements carefully, turn your eyes on him and give him a sweet smile.

8. Men love girls in high heels, because the sitting posture "leg to leg" for a beautiful girl will look sexy, and at the same time emphasize the length of slender legs. If you are not the owner of the model standards of appearance, it is best not to take this position, the middle heel, dark dress and posture, in which you will sit polubokom, save the situation, visually creating the illusion of miniature.

In search of the hormone of happiness, people discovered another miracle – the joy of simple communication. Flirting takes this process to another level. Those who know how to flirt and often use it, it is easier to make friends and maintain warm friendships. However, you should be extremely careful in real life, because the one with whom you go on a first date, may not be the cute and cute guy what seemed, but simply a fraud.

We will discuss some recommendations that will make it possible to minimize the possible negative consequences of flirting:

1. Try not to tell a lot of personal information on the first date, it will be inappropriate, and for security reasons it is better.
2. If on the first date the guy in a gentle voice and like casually asks you to borrow money, it is most likely a fraud. Unfortunately, in the era of technology, cases of Internet fraud have become more frequent. People meet, meet, and sometimes get married online, which of course has a negative impact on their real life. Meeting outside the Internet, a man may not be who he claimed to be.

3. Sometimes the level of nervousness on a first date is off the charts. Often the best method of relaxation is alcohol, but you should not get involved in it. The harm of alcohol is known to all: it dulls vigilance, impairs the ability to soberly assess the situation and make informed, adequate decisions. The first date is better to spend a Cup of coffee or tea, and a glass of wine to postpone the second or third meeting.

4. Going on a first date, do not forget to tell your close relatives or friends about the place of the meeting and briefly tell about the person you will meet. It may seem silly to be unsure of the person with whom you go on a date, but you should always be vigilant.

5. On the first date, it is desirable to ignore the invitation of the guy about the trip to his home. In his eyes, it could be some kind of accessibility test. Men prefer to be hunters, because most often they are not interested in a girl whose attention does not need to be sought. If the offer is genuine, you to decide, of course, on the situation and encountered in the process of Dating feelings. But do not forget that it is not known in advance how the romantic meeting will end, and common sense has not let anyone down.

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I always try to meet the person I like on the street. perhaps in the future, this person will become your faithful companion. although many hesitate to get acquainted in this way and prefer to use Dating sites. perhaps this is a good way out of this situation.

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I like to flirt. Flirting is good because it does not commit to anything. If the partner reciprocated, then it can turn into something more. A smile is also very important. No one wants to meet a gloomy man. A smile is a sign of goodwill, unless of course it is flattery. Praise flattery, too, is different.

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I also like to flirt very much and therefore I adhere to the rule to get acquainted on the street, in a cafe, theater and so on. however, you can flirt virtually, so to speak using special Dating sites. the only negative in my opinion that there is the fact that there it is impossible to convey emotions and feelings. but if you have some problems when meeting firsthand, these sites are the best solution for you. one such I can recommend

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the fact that I also adhere to the point of view that acquaintance live is much more interesting than any correspondence on the Internet through Dating sites. although a lot of people, they play an important role. Dating sites for them the only way to overcome the constraint. only on these sites they are liberated and calmly communicate.

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After the age of 40, even after 35 years, many people strongly rethink their way of life. If by this time most people can easily afford unbalanced meals, alcohol parties and a sedentary lifestyle, then after the age of 40, an epiphany usually comes. I love dating on a dating site where you can get dating tips for the age of 40. I want to find my other half and spend the rest of my years with her.

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Dating sites help you meet a potential partner faster. But relationships need to be built. Here you will also need knowledge in psychology. You can study a lot of all sorts of tackles, but it is better to raise your level in all respects, not necessarily in terms of money.

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Everything that happens to us for the first time is usually remembered especially clearly vividly and for a long time. First time first grade first dawn first date. It's great when the opening event is not overshadowed by unpleasant moments and has a good continuation. For example, after a successful date, a second third follows. But sometimes everything does not go according to plan and even a seemingly perfect meeting does not bode well for any positive results.

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A woman will go on a second date if a man hooked her. To admit, she herself does not always know what this means (after all, we are so unpredictable!), But among the main factors influencing her choice in favor of a second meeting, some male character traits and ways of behavior can be distinguished. So if a young man is openly sociable with a good sense of humor, gallant, does not let go, is not fixated only on himself, but shows a sincere interest in his companion, then the chances of subsequent meetings with him are very high.

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Great thread, guys. As for me, I don't have any special secrets... I just love spending my free time here on and I believe that you all need to check it too there. I'm sure that you will like just like me. Everything is safe and there is no fake accounts as well.

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